Scissors of our stainless series

Art. Nr. 642RF and 641RF

Nails scissor, stainless
Art. Nr. 642RF
cuticle scissor, stainless
Art. Nr. 641RF


Art. 643RF and 645RF

Cuticle scissor, needle pointed, stainless, curved blades  3,5 "
Art. Nr.643RF
combined nail- and cuticle scissor, stainless, needle pointed
Art. Nr. 645RF


Art. 842RF and 843RF

Nail scissor, concorde-shaped, curved blade, stainless
Art. Nr. 842RF
Cuticle scissor, concorde-shaped, needle pointed, stainless 3,5 "
Art. Nr. 843RF




Art. Nr. 642RF und 641RF  Scissors, stainless

Art. Nr. 645RF und 643RF  Scissors, stainless

Art. Nr. 842RF und 843RF  Concorde-shaped scissors, stainless